«Now and then, someone would accuse me of being evil—of letting people destroy themselves while I watched, just so I could film them and tape-record them. But I didn’t think of myself as evil—just realistic. I learned when I was little that whenever I got aggressive and tried to tell someone what to do, nothing happened—I just couldn’t carry it off. I learned that you actually have more power when you shut up.»- Andy Warhol

The Factory is the name given to the Andy Warhol’s  studio in which he made most of his works. From the date of his death, this studio has become a mythical place, not only for his followers, but for all kinds of artists.

The Factory was not only known for being the place where Warhol’s creative mind was, it was also known for the parties full of celebrities.  In addition to treasuring the creative mind of Andy Warhol, for the big parties full of celebrities. Celebrities like Mick Jagger, Edie Sedgwick, David Bowie and Liza Minnelli were some of the guest from the list of Warhol Superstars that used to visit The Factory.

The studio’s decoration was quite unique, as Warhol covered all the walls with silver paint, tin foil and broken mirrors. This was not fortuitous. Through its walls, Warhol intended to send a message:

  “The world is in decline”

Many people were involved in the making of this inspired editorial. It was an honor working with other stylists, make up artists, musicians, models, photographers and visual artists to portray «The Factory».

Creative Director: Jesús Ríos @byjesusrios
Video: Frank Martinez, Alfredo Castruita @frank8564 @alfredocastruita
Photography: Andrea Eyssautier @andrea_behalikova_eyssautier_
Iluminación: Diego Alfredo Lucero @diegoalucero
Art: Lorena Contreras @lorenacontrerase
Visual: Ana Landa y Ángel Benitez @ana_landa @angelbenitez.alf
Styling: Tania Cuevas, Lizbeth Elena, Angel Meza @lizbeth_elena14
Jewelry: Cassandra Adame @cassjewelryart
Mobiliario: Julia & Ernestina @juliayernestina
MUA: Edgar Fenty, Yanis Pacheco, Cinthia Drígue @makeupbyyanis @edgarfenty
Hair: Jesús Ríos @byjesusrios
MODELS: Roger Ochoa, Itatí Pedroza, Maria Ficherry, Gregorio Torré, Alfonso Migdelany,
Lorena Paez, Brian Holguin, Jenifer Aguilar, Isamael Baca, Arlye Acevedo, Miss Holly Xo, Deni Alejandra, Karla Bosquez, Gerardo Muela. @karlabosquez @gerardomuela@deniale1928 @arlyeacevedo@misshollyxo @ibacameza @paez2424@itatipedroza @mariaficherry@alfonsomigdelany @gregoriotorresr
Music: Sayr Meza @sayrnomas
Location: Damasco Studio

Hope you guys like it!


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