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“Shall we die?”

Whispered to me

At night of firefly.

– Suzuki Masajo

What is a Haiku? A haiku is a Japanese three-line poem where the first line has five syllables, the second has seven, and the third has five. Anything can be the subject, however; most traditional haikus are about nature, love and life.

This haiku of Suzuki Masajo is about love and how ephemeral life is. Sometimes with our busy lives we forget that we just have one moment in this earth, life is precious because we are not immortal. What I liked about this poem is how you can perceive the love of the poet and her lover had for each other. The author offers a glimpse of a dream where they would grow old together and die together. In order for us to celebrate the preciousness of life; we embrace the gift we’ve been given, for however long it may last. And we should share it with those whom we love. Like you can perceive on this editorial with the kimonos’ colors, there can be golden days or darker days but each moment is a gift.

Hope you guys like it.


Photography : Jude V. Bencomo V. Bencomo Photography
Styling : Imago by Lizbeth Elena Lizbeth Elena
Model : Johanna Chong
MUA : Makeup by Yanis

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