There are so many women in the world that I admire, from Anne Frank and Joan Clarke trough Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, and Michelle Obama. All those women have something in common; they never gave up on anything. They were committed to their work and to themselves. They were strong and they did what was best for them and for the people who they loved. 

Besides them, I also have two women in my life who are my inspiration and I love them with all my heart. One is already watching me from heaven which is my grandma, the other one, my mother; thank God I still have her with me. They are the strongest and committed women I have ever known. They taught me to have discipline and to be organized in order to succeed. They taught me to be kind to others, and to help them. They taught me that the greatest things in life are the ones you do because of love, love to yourself and love towards your family and loved ones.

I am really thankful to God for the women he put into my life. I have met so many women who are successful and an example to myself. I really want to congratulate all of them and the ones I still haven’t met. Happy International Women’s Day!


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