La Femme en Rouge

Lady in red
Your lips, your hair, your gown, your fan
Like red devil rose
Like evening sky
Like delicious apple
Like velvet curtain

Lady in red 
Your wine, your blood, your tears, your world 
Like lust ruby eyes 
Like endless passion 
Like burning fire 
Like desert sand 

The perfect woman 
The silver soul 
The fragrance world 
The fair illusion 
The lovely creation 
The sweetest danger 

Lady in red 
Your mask, your tone, your cord, your fate 
Like poker play 
Like enchanted noir 
Like tangled silk 
Like damned misery

by Maria Sudibyo

Creative Direction: @sophiaacatalina

Photo: @diegoalucero

Makeup & Hair: @sofiachavezmakeup

Model: @emmacampoya

Styling: 🙋🏻‍♀️ by me! @lizbeth_elena14

Clothing: @nuhdaboutique

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