First of all I want to thank my dear friend Jude Bencomo for inviting me to this awesome project!

Burst as noun means: «An instance of breaking or splitting as a result of internal pressure or puncturing; an explosion.» Jude’s vision on this project was to represent self love, to break stereotypes.

Why do we chose a man for this photoshoot? Because most of the time men have a hard time when it comes to express their feelings, their own style, etc. Men are always trying not to look fragile, or when it comes to clothing they don’t want to wear something extravagant because they don’t want society to misunderstand. But, what if they want to wear pink? What if they want to wear crazy prints on them? The way we dress doesn’t necessarily reveal our sexual orientation, as much as it shows our personality.

Jude’s vision was to create your own happiness no matter what others say about you, break free from all stereotypes. Be yourself.

I totally agree with her. My best advise to everybody is to dress the way you want, be true to yourself and enjoy life.

I hope you guys like it.


Photo: Jude V. Bencomo

Model: Brian Holguin

Accents: @donjustoattire

Styling by me! Lizbeth Elena


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