What is fashion styling ? For a new entrant in fashion it can seem daunting to understand the various fields that are involved within this broad field. Fashion styling is the art and practice of styling clothes through their combination to create certain looks that are aesthetically pleasing, which at the same time is appropriate for the occasion that the wearing engages in. A fashion stylist who is someone who practices their career in fashion styling, and they provide this service to someone who requires the assistance of someone with exceptional taste to help them wear fashion and lifestyle products that suit them, or photoshoots.

It was amazing working with women who share the same passion as me for fashion, each of the on their roles (Photography, modeling, the buyer of the clothes (Nuhda) and me as the stylist.

Photo: @vbencomo.photo
Model: @aleenasaron
Clothing: @nuhdaboutique
Styling: by me 🙋🏻‍♀️ @lizbeth_elena14

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